Pretty in Pink

The latest necklace to go with my pink merino top I will wear to my niece’s engagement tomorrow in Ohope. I can’t believe I didn’t already have a pink necklace out of all the ones I have made!


2 scarves – 1 warp

2 scarves in twill block weave using Anna Gratton’s dyed yarn. I wanted these to be warp dominant to show the gorgeous variegated yarn, but a little disappointed in the handle. I think they may have benefitted from setting at 16epi, rather than the 18epi which I used – although in saying that, the sett gave me a nice diagonal line in the twill which makes me think it was correct for the yarn, just perhaps not for the handle.

Forest socks

The easiest pair of socks I have knitted! Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku off Ravelry in Naturally’s Waikiwi Prints of merino, nylon, alpaca and possum. Fit beautifully, and what a dream to knit. I was taught to knit toe-up socks and always struggled with the heels, procrastinating for ages before I plunged into doing them – with this pattern I was past the heel before I realised. What a revelation in my sock-knitting journey.