IMG_5380Have been playing with draping in a short break in the semester – this is a cool one to use with a striped fabric as you get the direction of the stripes changing as you manoeuvre the fabric around and down into the front horizontal dart. Below the dart is cut on the fold with a centre front seam above the dart. Trouble is now I want a mannequin like the ones we have in class – mine is not easy to work with!

Fabric Length No. 2

The second warp for this semester is wound on the back beam and ready to thread up. Couldn’t wait to start weaving to put up a photo as I fell in love as soon as I saw it on the back beam. The warp is a combination of 7 different woollen yarns wound randomly in pairs and I am thrilled with the overall look. I will weave it as a 1/3 twill to retain the beautiful look of the variegated threads using Adobe Alpaca’s baby alpaca and silk yarn in Peacock as the weft.IMG_5291.JPG

First Fabric For 2017!

Earlier this year I made, not a resolution (because they can bring too much pressure), but an intention – to keep up my weaving while studying. Last year – my first year of study – very little came off the loom, and I felt it was important not to lose sight of my love of weaving, and the main inspiration for my degree study. This is the first project completed just a week into Semester One – a length of handwoven fabric – and the 2nd warp is ready to be wound on the loom, so on track so far! Long may it continue. I am very pleased with how this length has turned out. Warp is fine merino boucle with a wool weft and supplementary warp threads of a ribbon with similar hues. It has a lovely handle and is lofty without being heavy – it will make a beautiful waistcoat or perhaps a lined jacket.IMG_5289.JPG


Enjoying some quiet time to work on a couple of UFOs before I start back at my studies in a couple of weeks. The embellishment piece will become a book cover and the quilted piece will be a pencil case – both to help fuel my creative self at Wintec this year.

Weaving – at last!


It’s been a while, but at last I have some time to weave before I start back to study in a few weeks. The weave structure is polychrome summer and winter in 20/2 cotton with my favourite Adobe Alpaca silk/alpaca for the weft. The actual weaving is taking no time at all – it’s going to end up 17″x17″ as part of a group exhibition – but it has been a very long time in the planning, design and warping up of 540 warp ends. Probably should have made it longer than a 1.5 metre warp to make all the work worthwhile, but didn’t have enough yarn, so an awful lot of work for a small piece. C’est la vie!

One down, two to go

This has been the quickest year of my life! I can’t believe I am now one third of the way through my degree – one year down and just two to go. Although I haven’t had a chance to weave since the mid-semester break in July, I haven’t been sitting on my hands. This is the outfit I designed and made for my end of year assignment for the pattern-making paper. It is a Gothic-inspired princess line dress in tussie mussie canvas (linen and rayon fabric) with lace godets and sleeve overlay. And good news – today I threaded up the table loom and started weaving a sample piece for Professional Weavers Network Chain Reaction project – on track!


Semester break projects

This year has seen me start on a journey for my Bachelor of Media Arts in Fashion with Wintec – a 3 year full-time degree which has meant a huge life change in our household. The end of paid work after 41 years in the workforce and back to study – something which is quite alien to me! Have been loving it, even though it has taken up my whole life and has seen my weaving and spinning much reduced. Having just finished the break between this year’s semesters I thought I should show that I haven’t just been sitting idle (well, not all the time, anyway). 2 lengths of fabric and 2 necklaces completed, along with some cotton spinning which is not ready for photographing.