Fabric No. 2

IMG_5392Very happy with the second fabric length off the loom this year – I know it doesn’t sound much, but it’s part of my 2017 commitment to keep weaving while I’m studying fulltime – and it’s working! The 1/3, 3/1 twill structure has given a length of fabric with 2 different faces which gives possibilities for matching cuffs or collar or even panels. I added a fine boucle yarn in areas in the warp, but in hindsight I should have just kept it with the straight wool, as the texture doesn’t show enough to be worth the problems it gave me.


Fabric Length No. 2

The second warp for this semester is wound on the back beam and ready to thread up. Couldn’t wait to start weaving to put up a photo as I fell in love as soon as I saw it on the back beam. The warp is a combination of 7 different woollen yarns wound randomly in pairs and I am thrilled with the overall look. I will weave it as a 1/3 twill to retain the beautiful look of the variegated threads using Adobe Alpaca’s baby alpaca and silk yarn in Peacock as the weft.IMG_5291.JPG

Weaving underway


Weaving for an exhibition in 2016 is finally underway! 16 months in the planning, with 8 months left to go. It might sound a lot, but there is still so much to do. My handspun, Navajo-plied silk and merino (primaries by Fibre2Go, a gorgeous fibre to spin) features in the weft as a surface weft, along with 4 fine alpaca and silk colours in plain weave – a total of 5 shuttles to juggle in the weaving – not an easy feat.


Off the loom after a period of non-activity. It was worth the wait however – light weight with beautiful drape, rich colours and gorgeous texture due to handspun weft. Just need to take it to the next level in time for festival exhibition entry. Juggled 4 shuttles using a combination of plain weave (fine alpaca/silk) and 1/3 twill for the handspun yarns (1 a 2-ply, the other Navajo plied) so very slow weaving, but well worth it.