One down, two to go

This has been the quickest year of my life! I can’t believe I am now one third of the way through my degree – one year down and just two to go. Although I haven’t had a chance to weave since the mid-semester break in July, I haven’t been sitting on my hands. This is the outfit I designed and made for my end of year assignment for the pattern-making paper. It is a Gothic-inspired princess line dress in tussie mussie canvas¬†(linen and rayon fabric)¬†with lace godets and sleeve overlay. And good news – today I threaded up the table loom and started weaving a sample piece for Professional Weavers Network Chain Reaction project – on track!



Handwoven tunic dress

And finally a use for my finer handwoven fabrics – a tunic-style dress to wear under a merino with tights. The fabric was woven in 2012 and is the first of my finer weight fabrics to be made up. I laid my pattern on the bias to get a little stretch, which has meant seams down the back and front as well as the sides, but it has also given a beautiful drape, so not really an issue. I dyed some paj silk for the facings and now just need to make a necklace to go with it – oh, and hem it!