Fabric No. 1, 2018


Deflected doubleweave in 10/2 tencel and 74/2 merino. The first metre woven of 10.6 metres as the first of my fabric lengths I intend weaving for my final degree year.


If all my calculations and sampling are correct, this odd-looking flat piece of cloth will magically transform into:

IMG_6064THIS! well, not quite like this because there are 2 different threadings and 4 different liftings on the sample. All going well the finished length will be a little like brains: organic with a lovely balance of lustre from the tencel and felted, matt wool.


Fabric No. 2

IMG_5392Very happy with the second fabric length off the loom this year – I know it doesn’t sound much, but it’s part of my 2017 commitment to keep weaving while I’m studying fulltime¬†– and it’s working! The 1/3, 3/1 twill structure has given a length of fabric with 2 different faces which gives possibilities for matching cuffs or collar or even panels. I added a fine boucle yarn in areas in the warp, but in hindsight I should have just kept it with the straight wool, as the texture doesn’t show enough to be worth the problems it gave me.


Looks like this will be the slowest project to weave so far – thank goodness it is only 2 yards 12 inches. On reflection I should have taken juggling lessons before I started – 4 shuttles, 3 of which follow a specific order – they want to escape every time I beat and there isn’t room to keep them all on the loom in front of me without tangling them. There was going to be a fifth shuttle, but I think that yarn might have to be wound on a stick shuttle and just used here and there rather than alternating with the other handspun. Ho hum – only myself to blame!

Almost weaving

What a mission! Warp wound, threaded, sleyed and tied on. 792 ends of fine silk/baby alpaca, 24epi – 33 inches wide. Fortunately a straightforward threading as it will be woven in plain weave with shots of my handspun Forest Stream yarn in twill. Fingers crossed it works as I’ve planned (planned, but not sampled as not enough handspun!)

Forest Stream Handspun Skeins

The spinning of this gorgeous colourway by Lyn Walsh of Fibre2Go is complete – 2 x 100g skeins, a total of 384 yards – 1 plied on itself and the other navajo plied to keep the colours separate. Very pleased with them both. The initial intention was to knit a cardy, but given that my main love is weaving, I have decided to use them both in a weaving piece – possibly a cocoon – research needs to get underway for that now!

Spinning Fibre2Go merino/silk

Love this colourway – Forest Stream by Lyn Walsh of Fibre2Go. I have 2 skeins of this gorgeous colour – not intentionally you understand, I purchased them probably 1 year apart, forgetting I already had one. Not unhappy though, as now I have enough for a PROJECT. I was going to knit it, but given my love of weaving, I think I will spin and navajo ply the 2nd skein to keep the colours more or less intact, then use both yarns in the warp of … something gorgeous.